Heating systems and circulation systems are made of a wide variety of materials. All of them also feature metallic and corrosion-resistant steels. Suspended solids from non-metallic and metallic materials dissolve in boilers, pipes and taps. The water disperses them and they can lead to blockages and silting.

A dual filter counteracts this contamination. They have a magnetite filter to capture the suspended metallic particles. The fine filter is available for non-metallic suspended particles. This is because magnetite and other impurities are the main cause of heating system failures.

The dual filters in the MAGella twister series contain one of the most powerful magnetite separators on the market. With its magnetraw of 11 x 12,000 gauss, the MAGella twister10 is probably the most powerful compact filter in the world. The absolute fine filter down to 1 µm with pressure spring removes even the finest dirt particles from the heating system. With a flow rate of 5 or 10 m³/h, the UWS dual filters are designed for medium-sized to very large heating systems.