Dual filters and magnetite separators for cooling systems

Cooling systems are also at risk from metallic particles. Ensure clean circulating water with our magnetic flux filters.


Extend the operating life of your cooling system with professional magnetite separators

Dirt particles, magnetite and haematite can cause damage in cooling systems. Corrosion on metallic components produces rust particles or very fine sludge, which are carried along by the water. This solid material causes damage to moving parts or a reduction in system efficiency due to a build-up of sludge. Our magnetite separators remove virtually 100% of these particles. And our MAGella twister model is designed as a dual filter and also boasts a fine filter to 1 µm.

Capacity calculator for reprocessing units

With our capacity calculator you can easily and quickly calculate the filling capacity of your unit as well as the expected required amount of Vadion pH-Control mixed bed resin. Please select whether it is a new or existing unit.
UWS Füllgerät
°dH des Wassers
Heizwasser in Liter
Füllkapazität Ihres Gerätes:
Füllwasser Kapazität ca.
20.700 l
Benötigte Gesamtmenge Vadion in Liter ca.
0,11 l