Cleaning & filtration

Whether for boiler replacement, refurbishment, sludged or calcified systems or a drop in pH value due to external influences such as increased oxygen input – we at UWS Technologie have the right solution.


Regular cleaning and filtration saves costs

Various circumstances can lead to contamination in both new systems and systems in operation. Sludge and magnetite are not uncommon in heating water. It is not always necessary to completely replace the heating water; filtration is sufficient. We provide you with our Heaty Filtra Advanced No. 2 for this purpose. The appliance removes dirt, solids and other deposits from the water. This promotes good heat transfer and also reduces material wear and the risk of germ formation.

You connect the device using the bypass method during operation and filter out all particles > 1µ and magnetite. The Filtra Advanced is quickly packed and ready for use.

We also supply alkaline and acidic cleaning agents.

Filtration saves costs!

Clean water and clean pipes increase the efficiency of the heating system and can lead to energy savings of up to 30%. If the heating water is clean, this ensures trouble-free operation and protects the system from corrosion caused by impurities such as sand and rust particles. Filtration also prevents clogging of heat exchangers, radiators and pipes and avoids malfunctions in the heating system, such as blockages in the circulation pumps.

High flow rates
1μ fine filtration
Suitable for hot water
Simple operation
Extraction tap for checking during operation
Quick filter change

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Capacity calculator for reprocessing units

With our capacity calculator you can easily and quickly calculate the filling capacity of your unit as well as the expected required amount of Vadion pH-Control mixed bed resin. Please select whether it is a new or existing unit.
UWS Füllgerät
°dH des Wassers
Heizwasser in Liter
Füllkapazität Ihres Gerätes:
Füllwasser Kapazität ca.
20.700 l
Benötigte Gesamtmenge Vadion in Liter ca.
0,11 l
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