Heating water treatment
Our core competence

Professional heating and cooling water treatment

With our solutions, you can safely treat heating water in accordance with VDI 2035 and cooling water in accordance with VDI 6044

Make-up units

Correctly replenish heating water

Make-up water must be treated in the same way as filling water in accordance with VDI2035

Clean heating water

Professional magnetite separators and dual filters

Extend the service life of your heating system

Heating water treatment

Preparation, filling, replenishment and cleaning of heating systems - these are our core competencies.
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Replenishment 2.0

Our new generation of make-up. Probably the shortest dessert in the world
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Magnetite separators

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Bivalent preparation devices make your work easier

The bivalent heating water treatment has been the core competence of UWS technology for many years. Our according to VDI 2035 compliant products and comprehensive services in the areas of heating system filling, topping up and cleaning of heating systems are winning over an ever-growing customer base. Also for the cooling water treatment in accordance with VDI 6044.

Heaty Profiline No. 2
"Our devices comply with VDI 2035, ÖNORM H 5195-1, SWKI BT 102-1 and VDI 6044"

Our solutions and products for heating water treatment, heating system filling and water make-up

Only if the water quality meets the requirements of the relevant standards such as VDI 2035 and EN 1717, you as a tradesman are safe when heating water treatment, filling and make-up water are on the safe side. To prevent damage and maintain the warranty, heating systems must always be filled in accordance with the relevant national regulations.

We are committed to significantly extending the service life of your heating system through comprehensive service and innovative solutions. We are also committed to protecting water as a vital resource. We achieve this together through professional heating water treatment and at the same time help your customers to save costs and energy.

Magnetite separator, dual filter, degassing and filtration

To enable you to carry out complete heating and cooling water treatment for your customers, we also have solutions for magnetite removal , mobile degassing and for removal of dirt, solids and other deposits in the portfolio. This also extends the service life of heating and cooling systems and fulfills the system manufacturer’s warranty conditions.


What our customers say about us

Problems eliminated
We have several devices for heating water treatment from UWS Technologie in use. Experience has shown us that we can rule out 99% of all heating system problems in advance.
William Bergstädt
Warn Sanitär- u. Heizungsbau GmbH
Easy to use
It is the simple handling of the devices that all our employees have no problems with. And the decisive factor is that the treated water fits afterwards!
Sören Zobel
Building services Schöller & Zobel
Exemplary limit values
Compliance with limit values only with UWS top - This saves me effort, work and money!
Max Vogel
Company Kallwitz
Everything we need and more!
I would describe working with UWS as very easy. The values always fit, everything is of high quality.
Mark Homölle
Bügener Sanitär- und Heizungstechnik GmbH & Co KG
A single work step
We like the fact that all manufacturer and VDI specifications are met in a single work step. The connection in the bypass is great and easy to implement in practice.
Alexander Vogel
A. Vogel, Münster
Expert support
We as a company CN Green Energy GmbH from NRW (focus on renewable energies) are super satisfied with the competent support from the company UWS (ADM Sergio Perez, Cristian...) in the field of heating water treatment. This is a very important topic, especially today, in the "boom" of heat pumps. Many thanks for the quick and competent help.
Professional competence for large projects
For larger systems and projects in particular, we can rely on the expertise of our personal contacts at UWS, who always have the right solution to hand.
Sven Peters
Peters + Lackmann GmbH

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Capacity calculator for reprocessing units

With our capacity calculator you can easily and quickly calculate the filling capacity of your unit as well as the expected required amount of Vadion pH-Control mixed bed resin. Please select whether it is a new or existing unit.
UWS Füllgerät
°dH des Wassers
Heizwasser in Liter
Füllkapazität Ihres Gerätes:
Füllwasser Kapazität ca.
20.700 l
Benötigte Gesamtmenge Vadion in Liter ca.
0,11 l