Ferdinand Magellan was a Portuguese navigator and great pioneer. He provided the final proof that our earth is a sphere. He was also an adventurer through and through – always with the aim of finding new and creative solutions as answers to obstacles. At UWS, he was also the ancestor of our superhero Ms. MAGella.

Ms. MAGella, like her ancestors, feels a strong connection to the element of water and, through her supernatural magnetic abilities, has made it her life’s goal to keep the crystal-chemical magnetite away from the clean water in heating systems and bring it to a place where it can shine in all its splendor.

Just like Ferdinand Magellan, she has a great desire to travel and optimizes the heating systems with the HVAC professionals on site in order to provide the residents with efficient heating systems and save CO2. On her travels, she regularly meets scientists who, like her, are driven by curiosity. They exchange experiences and insights and help each other navigate through uncharted waters.

Then, some time ago, she met our well-known hero Mr. Heaty on a major project.

It was a fateful meeting, as they have the same big goal in mind and their expertise complements each other so wonderfully. Mr. Heaty, the all-rounder for standard-compliant heating water treatment. And Ms. MAGella, who declares war on magnetite. Ms. MAGella and Mr. Heaty are now working together on solutions for clean heating water. The first solutions to emerge are the new magnetite and fine filters in the MAGella series, which we will be presenting shortly.