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With our pre-assembled backfeed stations, you no longer have to worry about standard-compliant treatment of the make-up water in accordance with VDI 2035. The backfeed station is simply installed in the pipe system – it then ensures consistent water quality in the heating system. A change in the colour of the resin makes it easy to see when the cartridge needs to be replaced.

For small systems, we recommend our Heaty Complete Home as well as the Heaty Complete Home XL. Both products are also available without a filling combination if a system separator is already available on site.


With UWS backfeeding, you’re in the clear

Desalinated water = full use of capacity! A simple equation with our backfeeding systems, because this range enables you to achieve sustainable heating water quality with an innovative full demineralisation cartridge, which also maintains the efficiency of the system. How does it work? It’s simple! By means of controlled backfeeding, whereby an indicator cartridge shows the depletion level of the resin by changing colour, allowing you to determine the salt content of the water.

All standards and specifications fulfilled
at a reasonable price
Controlled backfeeding for everyone
For all system sizes
heating water quality
Safe and simple
thanks to indicator resin

Capacity calculator for reprocessing units

With our capacity calculator you can easily and quickly calculate the filling capacity of your unit as well as the expected required amount of Vadion pH-Control mixed bed resin. Please select whether it is a new or existing unit.
UWS Füllgerät
°dH des Wassers
Heizwasser in Liter
Füllkapazität Ihres Gerätes:
Füllwasser Kapazität ca.
20.700 l
Benötigte Gesamtmenge Vadion in Liter ca.
0,11 l