Measuring technology for analysing heating water

Only when the heating water has the correct values in accordance with VDI 2035 is efficient and smooth operation of the system possible.


The right measuring technology for analysing heating water

For compliant documentation

Measuring devices are a constant companion for heating specialists today. VDI 2035 stipulates certain limit values for the pH value and overall hardness of the water in heating systems. Depending on the material composition: a range of 8.2 to 10 for the pH value and < 0.3 °dH for the maximum overall hardness of the water in low-salt operation. You need correspondingly accurate measuring technology to meet the documentation requirements for heating systems. This involves analysing the water and documenting the measured values in the system logbook.

During the initial filling, backfeeding and maintenance of a heating system, you should comply with the required values of the VDI 2035 standard. Measuring technology from UWS is used to analyse data, such as the pH value, conductivity and magnetite content, and even the chloride and iron content.

System separators for protection of drinking water must also be tested once a year in accordance with DIN EN 806 / DIN EN 1717. The functions to be tested are tightness, start of opening of the relief valve, tightness of the relief valve, venting of the medium-pressure zone to atmospheric pressure and the tightness of the outlet-side backflow preventer.

With UWS measuring technology, you’re in the clear

You can choose between different measuring technology cases. From our “Professional” measuring case to our L-BOXX Premium or L-BOXX PST measuring cases

Accurate measured values
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Capacity calculator for reprocessing units

With our capacity calculator you can easily and quickly calculate the filling capacity of your unit as well as the expected required amount of Vadion pH-Control mixed bed resin. Please select whether it is a new or existing unit.
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